Tests of Lateral Asymmetry (The Dominant Hand, Foot, and Eye)
Faculty of Edu cation , Al Madinah Al-Munawarrah, King Abdulaziz University , Saudi Arabia

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Edu cat ors seem to become increasingly interested in the research finding s in the field of the brain and their promisin g implications in edu cation . Consequently there is a rising need for designing and developing objective instrument s for measurin g lateral asymmetry in man . The curre nt paper presen ts three tests for measurin g the dominant hand . eye, and foot. Actual performance is used as a criterion for computing the criterion - referen ced validity of the te sts . Content and constru ct validit y are also secur ed for the tests. Reliability for eac h scale is computed by means of test - retest method. Objective procedures for sco ring the tests and for classfying subjects into three domin ant groups are also suggested.

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Published in : Journal of King Abdul Aziz University.
Educational Sciences .
Volume No : 4 , Issue 1 , 1991 .
DOI : 10.4197/edu.4-1.8 .
Pages 71 -98
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