Journal in Brief 

        The Journal of King Abdulaziz University(JKAU) is a scientific and refereed journal issued by King Abdulaziz University(KAU) and published by its Scientific Publishing Center(SPC). The Journal is devoted to the publication of high quality researches and scientific studies that have sedate manner and strive to develop research, educational, and behavioral procedures with the aim of attaining intellectual and scientific growth in Saudi Arabia, Arab World and Globally. It also welcomes all topics and dissertations from those concerned with the scientific research and knowledge problems in their different shapes and types. The main subject areas of the Journal encompasses Arts and Humanities, Economics and Administration, Science, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Marine Sciences, Environmental Design Sciences, Metrology, Environment and Arid Land Agricultural Sciences and Islamic Economics. The Journal publishes the materials and their abstracts in both Arabic and English Languages.

 Aims and Scope 

(1) to foster scientific research in general by the publication of research articles, review articles, case reports, letters to the editor, book reviews, technical notes, professional reports, students graduation projects and abstracts of outstanding Masters Theses.

(2) to present background papers and papers stimulating discussion and debate relevant for the development of scientific research in certain scopes.

(3) to facilitate the communication between the members of those specialists and researchers in those scopes, the international network organizations and the national colleges and societies involved in those specializations.

(4) to transfer international experiences in those different scientific domains and compare them with local and regional counterparts. 

 Publication Basis 

(1)The Journal is issued annually for most of its subtitles and biannually for some of them.

(2) It is possible to devote a special issue for highlighting a certain topic e.g. a national occasion.

(3) The Journal accepts materials written in both Arabic and English Languages.

(4) References are cited at the end of each text.

(5) All manuscripts are subject to peer review and hence expected to meet standards of academic excellence. Authors shall be notified of the acceptance, rejection or referral for making changes according to reviewers comments. The rejected manuscripts shall not be returned to authors.

(6) Materials that have been published or presented for publication elsewhere are not accepted for publication.

(7) The order of the published materials is subject only to technical requirements and has nothing to do with authors’ rankings or the value of their work.

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