KAU Graduates approved to appear for MPA's Marine Engineer Officer (MEO) Class 5 Certificate of Competency Examination

Governor of Makkah Patronizes World Maritime Day and Graduation of KAU Marine Studies Students

Dean of Faculty of Maritime Studies Represents KUA at IMO Meeting

Middle East agents of international publishers visit Faculty of Maritime Studies
Maritime transport is considered as an active field that has an influential role in the economy and security of nations. Ports system is an integral part of the maritime transport that contributes  ...more
The Department of Ports and Maritime Transport, Faculty of Maritime Studies, King Abdul-Aziz University aims to graduate students who are familiar with the basics of management, operation and planning of ports as well as maritime transport  ...more
  • Education and training of high-quality in the field of Ports and Maritime Transport, which contributes to the rehabilitation of the National Human Resources with high efficiency to support the economy and homeland security, and to support the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the International forums.
  • Highly efficient and qualified graduates in the field of Ports and Maritime Transport to meet the needs of the development plans and the labour market in the field of Ports and Maritime Transport.

  • Graduating specialised cadres who are scientifically and professionally qualified in maritime transport and in the management and operation of seaports. more
  • Dr. / Akram El-Entably
    Department Supervisor
    College of Maritime Studies
    King Abdulaziz University
    Tel: 6990978-ext: 300
    Email: aelentably@kau.edu.sa